Material Warrantees

Many Man Made products will come with a warranty. These warranties are different from material to material. It will be your responsibility to understand this warranty and ensure that the application of the countertops adheres to the material warranty terms. We will help facilitate any warranty claims but the process is lead by you.

Natural Stone slab materials do not come with a warranty. Our team inspects each slab to ensure that it does not have improper fissures or cracks in the material prior to fabrication. If this is identified during inspection this may require the selection of a new slab.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Before installers leave the installation of your new countertops we require that the homeowner be present to approve the installation and sign off on the project.

After further inspection of the finished countertops if you have any questions feel free to give us a call.

Warranty After Completion

Our installation service is warrantied for a period of 12 months past the installation of the countertops. If an issue is to arise we will inspect the installation and if it is determined that the issue is due to installation error we will fix the issue at no charge. If we find that the issue is due to misuse of the countertops a fee may apply to correct the issue.