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From our Niagara Falls NY fabrication facility and Showroom we provide Quality Custom Countertops for Residential and Commercial Customers. Granite Countertops, Marble Countertops, Quartz Countertops... You name it, we cut...


Lets Answer Quartz Countertop Questions

Lets Answer Quartz Countertop Questions What lasts longer quartz or granite?
Can you use Clorox wipes on a quartz countertop?
What destroys quartz countertops?
Can I put a hot cup of coffee on quartz?
Can I put a toaster on my quartz countertop?
Can you put a microwave on a quartz countertop?


Countertop Buffalo 5 Stars

A Testament to Excellence: Customer Review Highlights Outstanding Service and Craftsmanship by The Granite Shop Outstanding people to work with every step of the way! […]


Raven Quartz Countertops from The Granite Shop

We’re super excited to chat with you about one of our absolute favorites: Raven Quartz Countertops. If you’re looking for something that combines elegance, durability, and a touch of modern sophistication, you’re in the right place.


Countertops Buffalo

Customer Service Check out our customer reviews and see just how great our team is. We are family owned and operated so the experience with […]


Calcutta Quartz Waterfall

Customer in Buffalo NY. Full kitchen countertops in Calcutta Quartz. Creating a waterfall edge takes skill and precisions cutting. Matching the veining for the perfect […]


Stone Wall art Vein Matching

New Project from The Granite Shop. Full Height book matched backsplash. Full slab tub surround and fireplace surround. We look forward to the final photos […]